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10TH - 13TH JULY 2024

As December Falls

As December Falls


Main Stage - 14:10


As December Falls have spent the past seven years being told they were going about things the wrong way.


Soon after forming in 2014, the Nottingham based punk-pop band were advised to ditch the guitars and focus on poppy, synth-driven tracks. They were lectured that releasing 2019’s self-titled debut album without a label was a huge mistake. At every turn, the independent group were told to work with bookers and promoters to stand a chance of selling out a headline show. Believing in themselves, As December Falls refused to listen.


 “Everyone's got an opinion and nobody wants to help you do it,” starts guitarist Timmy. “They just want to talk at you and take your money.”


The band (vocalist Bethany , guitarist Ande, drummer Lukas and Timmy) started with a common goal that endures to this day - to write some great songs and take it as far as they could. “Each year it seems to have gotten bigger so we’ve just gone, let’s carry on,” explains Ande as Bethany continues, “We've built this whole thing ourselves. I know that we're a good band. I know that our songs are good,” but sometimes, it does feel like As December Falls versus the world. “It sounds like a cliché but you are on your own and you have to decide to keep fighting, keep rolling with the punches and just see what happens,” grins Timmy.


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