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10TH - 13TH JULY 2024


Working With Us

Are there any stewarding positions available?

You can find out about our stewarding positions here

I would like to trade at 2000trees, how do I apply?

You can find out more here


What time do the bands start?

Wednesday: 16:00 Thursday: 10:00 Friday: 10:00 Saturday: 10:00

When are the peak arrival times?

Please try to avoid the busiest times when entry is slowest, which are as follows: Wednesday: 12:00 – 16:00. Thursday: 09:00 – 13:00 Friday: 08:00 – 12:00

When does the site open and close?

Early entry holders: Wed 12:00 – 23:00

Three day ticket holders: Thu 08:00 – 23:00

Day ticket holders: Fri 08:00 – 23:00 / Sat 08:00 – 23:00

All guests must be off site by 14:00 on Sunday

There is strictly no admission or readmission after 23:00 on any day. The wristband exchange will close 30 minutes after the site closes on each day.

What ID do I need to bring with me?

We will be employing a “Challenge 25” scheme so Under 18’s (or those who look under 25) must bring official ID (passport, photo drivers licence, Prove It card etc). Attendees without relevant ID will be issued with an Under 18 wristband (and thus will be refused alcohol at the bar).

Are there any age restrictions?

There is no minimum age; however attendees under the age of 18 will not be admitted onto the event site without an accompanying adult. (An adult is anyone over the age of 18) Under 18s will receive an underage wristband and will not be served alcohol at our bars.

What happens after the bands finish?

The awesome Silent Disco will be taking place from 23.00 – 02.00

Can I bring my pets?

As a condition of our license, no dogs or other animals are allowed on site (except registered guide dogs).

Can I bring glass onto the site?

Under no circumstances will glass bottles / containers be allowed onto the event site.

Is there disabled access at 2000trees?

2 for 1 PA scheme, Disabled toilets and viewing platform are available. Click here for detailed Access Information.

Can we have BBQs, camping stoves and bonfires?

Small disposable BBQs and small camping stoves are allowed, but as a condition of our licence bonfires are forbidden.

Do you have plenty of toilets?

Yes. We are regularly shortlisted for the ‘Best Toilets’ award’ at the UK Festival Awards!

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes, you are allowed to bring alcohol on-site. The only restriction is that any glass found will be confiscated. We do ask that you self police the amount of alcohol you bring into the site. Small, independent festivals rely on bar revenue to exist so please use them. See more about our drinks policy here

Can I bring Chinese Lanterns or Fireworks?

Due to licensing restrictions, Chinese Lanterns and Fireworks are strictly prohibited.

What should I do with my valuables?

Try to leave as many valuables at home as possible. The local Police also have these handy tips to stay safe and have fun at festivals – Festival Crime Prevention Advice.


How do I get to the site?

Check out our Getting to Trees page

What is the parking like?

There is ample parking space for all 2000trees attendees and parking officials will be on hand to direct you on arrival.


I can no longer come to 2000trees; can I give my eticket to someone else?

Yes, you can use DICE's transfer feature. More info here. If you have a instalment ticket, you'll need to fully pay off your ticket first before you can transfer it to someone else.

I can't find my E-ticket

All ticket purchases made through DICE can be found within the DICE app. Simply click your tickets tab where you'll be able to view your tickets and event details. If you have any further questions about your tickets, you can contact DICE through their help centre by clicking "Need help?" on your tickets or our DICE event.

If you purchased one of our instalment tickets, we'll be in contact once all instalment payments have been settled. You will receive an email from us with a code to redeem your ticket through DICE. You can expect this email around the start of June 2023.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?

Refunds are only offered during refund windows. If you're unsure if you purchased during a refund window, please reach out here

Are there any other options to Etickets?

Etickets are the only option due to the lack of demand for physical tickets. If you are without a smart phone, you can purchase a DICE ticket via a desktop browser but you will still need a mobile device to purchase as they'll need to register a mobile phone number.

You won't be able to show a screenshot or a print out of your ticket, instead, you can rely on our house door list for name check in.

  • Here is a guide for setting up via the web
  • Here is a guide for setting up via a device

As you'll see, both require a mobile phone number to activate the account. More info here.

Can I buy a day ticket?

Yes. Thursday, Friday and Saturday day tickets are available on our ticketing page.

Do children 13 years old and under need tickets?

Yes. You can purchase them on the DICE weekend event or on the DICE individual day events.

Are NHS or student discounted tickets available?

Yes, if you are a student or work for the NHS you can purchase a discounted ticket through DICE/our ticketing page. You will need to bring valid student ID or a blue light card to the festival site.

I didn't receive my instalment ticket confirmation

Look out for your instalment ticket confirmation email from help@gocardless.com. Sometimes this email is slightly delayed and can end up in your junk mail.

When will my first ticket instalment leave & can I amend this?

The first instalment leaves your account roughly 3 - 5 days after you started the plan (this depends on your bank).


We are unable to amend dates the instalment payment leaves your account.

I've paid off my instalment ticket, when can I expect my official ticket?

In June (ish), we'll contact you via email with information on how to claim your official ticket.

Can I change the bank account my instalment ticket plan comes out of?

We are unable to change the bank account which you signed up with, but you can call GoCardless on 020 7183 8674 to do this.

When do I need to activate my DICE ticket?

As tickets are now all on DICE, you’ll need to activate your DICE ticket on your app a couple of days before the festival.  You’ll be able to activate your tickets from 9am on Monday 3rd July.

We’ll ping you a reminder - but please remember to do this before you get to site so you’re not trying to do it in the car park / queue!

The Festival Site

Once I arrive, is the site easy to navigate?

Yes, it’s a small site and there is only one entrance which is easily accessible from the car park and the shuttle drop off point.

We are coming as a family, is there an area for us?

There is a designated family camping area. You can find out more here.

Are there water points / taps in the camp site?

Yes there are plenty of water taps available in all camp sites.

What should I do with my litter?

Upcote Farm has been designated an Environmentally Sensitive Area. Please put all litter in the bins provided and respect the local environment. Recycling facilities will be available so please use them.

Is it possible to hire accommodation on site?

Yes, you can hire luxury Bell Tents, vintage tents and simple pre-erected accommodation that’s ready to go when you arrive. Find out more by clicking here.


Why Cashless?

1. Due to the many moving parts at a live event, cashless payments is now recognised as the global best practice at festivals around the world.

2. Cashless payments make your festival experience easier, faster and safer.

3. It makes service at the bars and vendors much faster and reduces queues.

What if the vendor charges me the wrong amount?

Just as with a cash transaction, if you think you have been charged an incorrect amount after having made a purchase, tell the vendor immediately and they will be able to correct it. The festival and the trader is unable to rectify this after the event.

Is the system less convenient for me than using cash?

No way! Cashless offers far greater customer convenience, removing the need to bring and carry cash or queue at expensive ATM’s, as well as providing many other benefits such as keeping a record of all your purchases. It also deters thieves and criminal elements making the event safer as well as more enjoyable.

Is the system reliable?

Of course. The system we use is designed to be fail-safe, able to operate without internet or power and has been used flawlessly at hundreds of events around the world. It was built to have no central point of failure.

Do I need to load my wristband this year?

No, this year we are going truly cashless and you will be able to pay with your debit card/ phone or watch (if you’ve got that ability).

Essentially we’ve ditched the cashless wristbands. Now all the traders & bars are hard wired into the wifi network so you can just pay for stuff as you go. Just like you do in the real world!

This has the massive advantage that you no longer have to set up an account ahead of time, preload funds or set up auto top ups. AND best of all, no need to claim any leftover money on your wristbands as a refund. You’ll instead be able to just tap & pay like you do IRL spend only what you need & spend more time partying.

What if I pay on my phone - can I charge my phone somewhere?

We will have a phone charging trader on site from Charity Temwa - or we can definitely recommend those USB battery packs for effective field living).  But it would probably be a good idea to also have a backup payment option. Like a debit/ credit card* (remember those)??? Just in case your phone is out of action for whatever reason.

Are you a completely cashless site?

Yes, no cash will be accepted onsite.


2000trees was created in 2007 by music festival veterans after attending all the main industry events over a decade. Starting with a simple passion for music and the desire to create a dynamic, energetic and accessible event that put the festival-goer at the top of their priorities.

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