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10TH - 13TH JULY 2024

Inhuman Nature

Inhuman Nature


The Cave - 12:00

Thrashing - quite literally - into existence in 2017, 2022 sees INHUMAN NATURE joining forces with Church Road Records for their latest EP - titled Under The Boot. The London, UK firebrand continues to fly the flag for the new wave of thrash and crossover across three battleproof tracks.

Following their self-titled 2019 debut album, a split with UK contemporaries Road Mutant and a string of EP’s and singles, Under The Boot sees INHUMAN NATURE charge headfirst into themes of apocalypse, abyss and blind compliance, sparing no soul in the process. Vocalist, Chris Barling leads the group with venomous disdain across the EP’s 12 minute runtime, backed by a newly solidified line up composed of past members of Hang The Bastard.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by James Atkinson at Leeds’ The Stationhouse in October 2021, Under The Boot’s production retains the band’s gnarled edge whilst making space for atmospheric passages - evidenced best on EP opener City of the Dead - and nefarious lead guitar lines.

INHUMAN NATURE’s amalgam of old-school thrash and NWOBHM influence is still the foundation of their sound, yet with a growing confidence following several releases and countless forays into the live circuit across the UK and Europe, the London quintet are set to unleash hell in a far darker way from here on out. 


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