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10TH - 13TH JULY 2024

Lonely The Brave

Lonely The Brave


The Cave - 19:00

The normalcies of life are the things that make us shine the most. The little moments in our day-to-day lives that, on the surface, don't feel too significant but, deep down, make us tick. A cup of coffee to get you going in the morning. A song coming on the radio that you haven't heard in years. Taking the scenic route on your way to work so that you can take in your favourite view. A sit down in your favourite chair after you feel like you showed the world what you're made of. These are things that make us feel the most human. That grounds us in the here and now and reminds us what the whole purpose of this is. That reminds us what it means to feel, and we do to feel the life we live so vibrantly. 

This is a feeling that Lonely The Brave have spent their career mastering. Creating music that shines like the sun through your kitchen window in the morning and injects that light straight into your heart. But their astonishing journey has always been leading up to this; 'What We Do To Feel', their fourth full-length album. Grand yet intimate, overtly powerful yet deeply personal, it is a record fuelled by care, clarity and consideration for ourselves and each other. 


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