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10TH - 13TH JULY 2024




Forest Sessions - tbc

Raised in Walthamstow, the introspective 22-year-old artist safesp8ce discovered her musical calling through her parents' diverse influences. Introduced to production by her father, she embarked on a self-discovery journey, inspired by bands like Pierce the Veil. Exploring eclectic sounds on Logic in 2021, safesp8ce embraced her true musical identity, describing it as 'storytelling,' 'cinematic,' and 'unhinged fairy.' Debuting with 'quiet, I can't think' and 'THEY ALL DIE IN THE END,' she weaves frustration and catharsis into her music. Advocating for a safe space, especially for the neurodivergent alt-black community, her upcoming track 'Invisible' addresses industry invisibility. With hope inspired by artists like Rachel Chinouriri and Skaiwater, safesp8ce crafts evocative alternative anthems.


2000trees was created in 2007 by music festival veterans after attending all the main industry events over a decade. Starting with a simple passion for music and the desire to create a dynamic, energetic and accessible event that put the festival-goer at the top of their priorities.

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