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10TH - 13TH JULY 2024




Main Stage - 13:00

SNAYX were formed from a mosh pit. Sure, the Brighton & Sheffield based trio have been in other bands before, dabbling in everything from indie rock to ska, but those groups never incited the communal carnage that Charlie Herridge, Ollie Horner and Lainey Loops crave. So they formed SNAYX, originally a two-piece, now a three. For a good chunk of time though, SNAYX was more of an idea than an actual band since the pair were too busy going to as many gigs as possible, rather than working on things like songs. They’d talk about SNAYX to anyone who would listen though, hungry to be part of the scene. And then in the smoking area of a Brighton venue, Hastings punks Kid Kapichi invited them to open for them. Of course, SNAYX said yes, despite the fact they didn’t have a finished song between them. That changed over a frantic few days, where all of those conversations about ethos, influence and intention quickly turned into a furious 30-minutes of music.The gig went better than it had any right to, and SNAYX were born. A series of support slots followed, alongside a very DIY headline tour. “That’s when everything clicked into place,” says Charlie. “Onstage we really understood what it was, and what it could be.


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