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10TH - 13TH JULY 2024

Static Dress

Static Dress


Main Stage - 15:00

Few bands within the alternative scene had the devastating impact that Static Dress have over the last year. Voted by Kerrang! readers as the Best New Band Of The Year in 2021, their debut project Prologue... set the stage for what is one of UK’s music’s most exciting creative forces; a comic book and official soundtrack that built the foundations for the parallel universe they have teased with innovative puzzles and lore that has captivated fans. Since their inception, a wave of anticipation has surrounded the idea of a debut album; a chance for the band to set their own uniquely widescreen vision of the fullest of formats. 

Released independently and across 12 tracks, Rouge Carpet Disaster is the watershed moment that the new wave of contemporary rock music has been waiting for. Produced by Erik Bickerstaffe of Loathe and written by Static Dress, the album spotlights an imagination- capturing sound that transcends emo, screamo, metal, pop, electronic and so much more; making for one of the most ambitious statements made from within the rock format in decades. 


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