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10TH - 13TH JULY 2024

Tropic Gold

Tropic Gold


The Axiom - 13:40

Hailing from South East England, Tropic Gold is a quartet captivating audiences with their unique blend of aggressive and melodic sounds since their formation.

Led by the enigmatic frontman Jacob Parris, Tropic Gold fearlessly pushes the boundaries of their genre, incorporating elements of metalcore, alternative rock, electronica, and even pop into their music.

With each release over their infant 4 year beginning, Tropic Gold has showcased their artistic growth and willingness to explore new sonic territories. Their lyrics touch on a range of themes, including mental health, societal issues, and personal struggles, allowing listeners to connect on a deeper level as they attempt to resonate with a generation seeking solace and understanding in n unforgiving world.

Step into the world of Tropic Gold and experience the sonic journey, from hard hitting impacts to soaring anthems, their music is an exploration of the human experience, a cathartic release of emotion, and an invitation to embrace the chaos and beauty of life.


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